NRA TR Imperial 2022

Posted on 13th July, 2022

Starts Friday 15th July with 8 Ibis members entering all or some of the competitions.


I hope to be updating daily posts of highlights and scores.  Watch this space.


We would like to see more club members present on the final Saturday so please let the secretary know if you can come along.


Monday 18th July


Aplogies for delay in updates.  Scores can now be viewed via the link on this page.


Heat is pretty intense as you can imagine but the wind is also difficlult to read most of the time and the scores reflect that both in Ibis and across the other competitors.


Reg Roberts has been the  star performer so far with David Colegate making his 1st prize lists (the current rules mean that so far he retains his Tyro status though).


Predicted heat Monday and Tuesday has led to the NRA reducing 2 shoots today to 2 & 7 and 2 of the Tuesday shoots to that as well.  



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I visited today to find Queens 1 been put off till Thursday!. Never mind, nice to see the Hut and members present. Best wishes To Peter for comp this evening and to all for an excellent Queens 1 See you all on Saturday - be sure to be on the range so I can cheer!
I guess plenty of fluids and sunscreen during the day with a very welcome switch to cooled beverages in the evening. The weather forecast is for all change tomorrow and hopefully the temperature will be quite pleasant for the Queens on Thursday good shooting one and all.