The Club was formed in 1906 under the auspices of the Ibis Sports Society (for employees of the Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd.) with an initial purchase of 20 Lee Enfield rifles (for the grand sum of £65!), Kynoch adaptors and 5000 rounds of Kynock miniature ammunition (£10).


A 25 yards indoor range was situated in the basement (later moved to the roof) of the Prudential head office at Holborn Bars, London and Lord Roberts fired the initial shot on its opening on 12th June 1906.


The rifle club full bore section started in 1908 hiring a range at Beckenham for one night a week during the summer months before eventually starting at Bisley in 1909 renting a cubicle at the London & Middlesex Rifle Association.  


Records show Ibis first National team member selection occured in 1913 with Mr Fitchie being selected to represent Scotland in the National Match.  Numerous other Ibis members have followed in hs footsteps over the following years at both National and and International levels.


In 1913 the Prudential purchased the original Ibis clubhouse at Bisley for the sum of £550 (equivalent to around £67,500 in 2022 money) for use by the members of the Ibis Rifle Club (around 3/4 of the employees in those times).


Photographs of the original building can be viewed on the Photo Gallery page.


In 1982 the quaint old premises grew too dilapidated to repair and were replaced with the current modern bungalow.  A great deal of work was carried out by members of the Club in its construction (and the Club still depends heavily on its members to maintain the bulding to this day).


In 1991 the Prudential closed down support for the various Ibis Society Sports clubs and the Ibis Rifle (1992) was formed becoming an open club and no longer restricted to Prudential employees only.  The new club was responsible for its own finances with members of the club providing personal loans to finance the purchase of the Club House from the Prudential.