Ibis Rifle Club Open Prize Meeting  -  Saturday 13th April 2024


This annual event started on 1995 and attracts an entry of shooters who are keen to compete for the various prizes on offer.  A chance to get that early season practice across the ranges including the challenge of shooting at 1100 yards (usually)!


Separate competitions for TR, F Open and FTR competitors. 


Prize giving takes place in the Ibis Clubhouse shortly after the last detail of the day.


Watch out for 2025 dates to be announced early next year!


The meeting consists of 3 matches shot on one day.

  • Competitors will be squaded with the start times for each match shown below.
  • NRA Rules and Regulations will apply unless otherwise stated.
  • TR ammunition is .308 using a bullet not exceeding 156gr.
  • F Class ammunition as per current NRA rules. (HME users must comply with NRA Range Regulations in respect of Zeroing prior to commencement of shooting).
  • F Class course of fire will be 2 convertible sighting shots plus 15 shots to count at each distance shown below.
  • TR course of fire will be 2 convertible sightinhg shots plus 10 shots to count at each distance shown below


Note:  We are back to our original format this year.


Match 1 - Short Range commencing at 0830


300 yards

500 yards

600 yards


Match 2 - Long Range commencing at 1330.


1000 yards

1100 yards


Match 3 - Aggregate


Concurrent with Matches 1 & 2


2024 Results TR class


Short Range Keith Pugh (City of Newcastle) 150.21
Long Range  James Postle (Old Epsomians RC)  95.08
Aggregate James Postle (Old Epsomians RC) 241.25


Under 19 TR


Short Range Georgina Bohn (Greshams) 144.09
Long Range Oliver Rankin (Greshams) 83.03
Aggregate Oliver Rankin (Greshams) 225.17



2024 Results F- TR class

Short Range  Simon Costin (Chudleigh & Ashburton RC) 200.09
Long Range Ben Staniland (Nottingham)  81.00
Aggregate Ben Staniland (Nottingham) 279.11


2024 Results - F Open class


Short Range Nigel Scott (Langar) 204.14
Long Range John Carmichael (NLRC) 121.05
Aggregate John Carmichael (NLRC) 325.18


Full results for 2024 can be downloaded here


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