2023 NRA Imperial

Posted on 16th July, 2023

We have 7 Ibis members entered for all or part of the Imperial this year.  A few braved the rain on Friday for the "pre-grand" shoots (and a few who had entered chose to stay dry for most of the day!).


Saturday saw the start of the main competitions and, as as you all all aware, it was a bit breezy!  As a result of the wind (and the risk to markers with targets breaking) the 900 yards  Conan Doyle was cancelled by midday (much to the annoyance of your scribe who had scored 48.05 mid morning); the Daily Telegraph in the afternoon was completely cancelled so the only shoot completed was the 300 yard Donegall and our scores in that tell you about the conditions. A lazy afternoon for all.  Apparently wind has never stopped a whole competition before and  rain stopped play last in 2006!  I guess everone much more H&S concious these days which is a good thing.


Sunday didn't bring much relief either from the gusting wind conditions with the 1000 yard Corporation living up to its reputation and lots of wind blown shots with 5-6 minutes spread on the wind adjustments!  Things calmed down a bit in the late afternoon with scores starting to creep up.  Credit to Peter Griggs dropping just 1 point over the 2 short range shoots today and David Colegate for our best score in the Corporation later in the day with his 43.04.  


Hopefully things will continue to calm down over the rest of the week.


I will endevour to add more to this page as the week progresses and you can view the Ibis scores via the link on this page.

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