Imperial 2023 Final Update

Posted on 22nd July, 2023

Our 4 entries in Stage 2 of the King's Prize did not make the final cut.


The week is now over for us all.  Most of us have had one or two sucessful days (or more in some cases).  It's been a more challenging week with the wind than most recent years.


We entered teams of four into these team competitions (running concurrently with various shoots) and the results are as follows (entries around the 30 teams):


Steward                     26th

Belgian                      10th

Rifle Clubs                 3rd (Bronze medals)

Bank of England       13th


Worth noting that the Belgian is a team of 4 shooting 3 ranges and our score was only 7 points adrift of the Bronze medal position so only 1/2 a point a man out!


In the final of the Chairman's Prize Nick finished 17th in the Class O group and David Colgate finished 8th in the Class T group.


A sucessful week for David Colgate who has firmly broken his Tyro status having appeared in 13 prize lists (and many above the last Class O (the requirement to lose Class T status).  Well done.


For those coming down today we look forward to having you hear (and bring your raincoats)


Signing off for now and (Hopefully) will be back again next year)



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